The story behind it…

Maltese barley and wheat, Gozitan sea salt and a 99-year-old nanna – welcome to the world of modern Maltese stubbornly crafted beer.

Those simple yet iconic ingredients have been brought together to create a new beer that’s about to launch in a big way.

Oh My Grandma is a collaboration between two passionate entities: Alveria Brewery in Sicily and DM Crafted Imports in Malta.

“We heard many stories about how Maltese wheat and barley are now not being utilised except as animal feed.”

“So for OMG we decided to use a dose of genuine old Maltese wheat and barley that has been grown in Malta by our farmers in the areas of Mosta and Żejtun for many years, together with grains of sea salt hand cultivated by Xwejni Salt from Gozo which has been produced by the Cini family for many decades.”

Maltese nanna Mary Dalli kicked off the team’s creative process.

“We were inspired by out 99-year-old grandmother who has survived wars, famine and now also a pandemic, and in such times she always put her mind at rest if her family has a piece of Maltese bread to eat and the end of the day, cause as she puts it in words: ‘x’hawn aqwa minn biċċa ħobz tal-Malti’.”

Oh My Grandma is a Rustic Saison beer, allowing the brewer to use both malted and non-malted wheat and barley.

“What better way to show the Maltese characteristics, if not the flavours of the local fields and the scent and aromas of the Mediterranean Sea and sun.”