Blonde’s Pop

Try it and enjoy. And if your thing is to listen to something from the 80s and early 90s in the background, maybe a little power pop, jangle pop or indie rock, you might get the perfect pairing.

StyleSpecial bitter
SmellEarthy with slightly sweet malt character. Subtle presence of yeast on the nose.
FlavourSweet malt flavor at first with a slightly dry finish. Despite its graduation, the alcohol is barely noticeable in the mouth.
PairingIdeal to taste with fatty cheeses, tasty dishes accompanied with hot and spicy sauces.
AwardsBronze at the Dublin Craft Beer Cup in 2013.

John Lee Blues

With this beer we pay tribute to a great musician, free until the end to interpret and set the rhythm.

John Lee Hooker won four Grammy Awards and, viewed with the perspective of time, they seem very few. So let’s toast with our beer for this bluesman made legend.

StyleStrong ale
SmellIt has a complex aroma where the spicy character and reminiscences of pears and oranges stand out.
FlavourLow bitterness. Medium body, with a generous carbonation with a soft mouthfeel with an evident warmth from alcohol where caramel flavors predominate.
PairingPerfect to combine with sausages and spicy cold cuts, blue and aged cheeses and dishes with sauces with an intense flavor.
AwardsBest Strong Ale at the World Beer Awards in London in 2018.
Bronze in Barcelona Beer Challenge of 2019.