Bella Lola

Bella Lola is the most beautiful. Intelligent, seductive, elegant, fun and with a fascinating personality.

Lover of healthy cooking and healthy lifestyle habits. She loves to enjoy family and friends and, wherever she goes, she stands out among all the others.

Made with malts and wheat from the Bavarian and Bohemian region, citrus hops from the United States and Germany, and with incredibly pure water from the Font del Regàs of the Parc Natural del Montseny.

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KindMediterranean Blonde Ale
WaterWater from the Font del Regàs of the Montseny Natural Park
MaltsMaris Otter, Carapils, Wheat
HopsMagnum, Mittelfruh, Citra


The history of a brand.

Well … a little messing around. We tell you where the name of our new NICOTTO beer comes from. We needed a name that was very Japanese. And it turns out that the ‘pearl’ that manages our communication have two children. One is NICO and the largest OTTO. Elementary.

It is very, very ugly for us to say it, but it is brutal. Soft and mellow, with a very interesting tea aroma mixed with the freshness of the tangerine. In the mouth it provides hints of vanilla, cream and citrus. NICOTTO is a Japanesse Style Beer, a beer made with Sorachi, a hops of Japanese origin, green jasmine tea and tangerine skin.

(Currently out of stock)

KindJapanese Style Beer
WaterWater from the Font del Regàs of the Montseny Natural Park
MaltsPilsner Premium, Carahell and Flacked OAT
HopsSorachi Ace