American Brown Ale

The Style Was Introduced by American Homebrewers to Which We Have Remained Fairly Loyal, but Using English Noble Malt Instead of American Base Malt. A Nice Translucent Brown, with a Compact and Persistent Foam. The Complexity of the Beer Is Predicted by Its Aroma, an Intertwining of Notes of Malt, Hazelnuts and Citrus Fruits. The Drink, Despite the Complexity Is Easy, Our American Brown Ale Will Drag You into a Kaleidoscope of Caramel, Light Toasts, Resin and Citrus Fruits.

Pairing: Braised Red Meats, Blue or Structured Cheeses (Pit Cheeses, Castelmagno, Ragusano Dop Semi-seasoned), Legumes.

TypologyAmerican Brown Ale
Alcohol5% VOL
Temperature12 ° C

Imperial IPA

Like a Bomb That Detonates the Moment You Uncork It, Our Imperial Ipa Will Amaze You with an Explosion of Fresh Hop Aromas. It Is Slightly Amber, Clear and with a Nice Foam. The Drink Is Enveloping, Characterized by Notes of Resin, Citrus and a Light Alcoholic Perception That Pleasantly Warms and Goes Well with the Bitterness, Present During the Sip and Well Persistent Afterwards. Despite the Alcohol Content, It Is Easy to Drink, Making It Dangerously Pleasant.

Pairing: Blue Cheeses, Fondue, Tripe Alla Romana, Artichokes.

TypologyImperial IPA
Alcohol8% VOL
Temperature10 ° C

OH MY GRANDMA a rustic saison made by Birrificio Alveria, with local produce. This beer includes Maltese non malted wheat and barley together with Gozitan Sea Salt from Ta’ Xwejni salt pens. This was made with the intent to recreate the feel of a Maltese bread. Alc % 4.5%. Earthy smell with floral freshness on the nose. A very refreshing beer with notes of the grain on the pallet and a mild saltiness to tickle the taste buds.

TypologyRustic saison