At DM Imports, we look for innovative products that are difficult to come by. Every product has a unique element to it, whether it is the way it is created or how it is branded, there is always something a little bit special about the brands we bring to Malta.


For us, a genuine product is defined by the roots of the product’s manufacturing, the way the raw materials are grown, where the raw materials come from and what raw materials are used. We always visit the source of these materials to take a deep dive into the life-cycle of products we choose.


Crafted goods capture those unique and genuine elements that we look for in a product. The art of craft involves dedication and attention to the quality and detail that we admire in the products we choose. At DM imports we agree that handcrafted goods trump mass produced ones any day.

Our Brands

Birrificio Alveria

Alveria produce craft beer with small brewing equipment that allows them to take great care of all stages of the production process, in order to offer high-quality beer, preserving the characteristics of the ingredients that they have chosen.

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Barcelona Beer Company

The beer is made with love, from the hands of good beer masters and with a careful selection of excellent malts, hops and yeast. Without additives, of course. And with incredibly pure water from the Montseny Natural Park, Agua de Font del Reg├ás.

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Dunkertons Organic Cider

Founded in 1980 with a pioneering spirit and vision, founders Susie and Ivor Dunkerton set about making deep flavoured organic ciders and perry without using any concentrates or chemicals, instead growing apples in harmony with the environment to help sustain the natural eco system.
Today, this vision is still at the heart of Dunkertons and is in every drop of our Cider and Perry creating distinct flavours and aromas enjoyed around the world.

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Glendalough Distillery

The Glendalough Distillery was set up by a group of friends from Wicklow and Dublin with a passion for reviving the heritage of craft distilling in Ireland.

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Amaro Nepeta

A natural infusion of organic Nepitella (sicilian wild mint), peel of Siracusa Lemon PGI, alcohol, mixed sicilian herbs, pure spring waters of Etna and sugar

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Our wines are specially selected by talented sommeliers.

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